Why Repainting your car is important after Scratches?

Why Repainting your car is important after Scratches?

Maybe someone might’ve side-swiped your car with a shopping cart at the grocery store, or maybe you had a run-in with an aggressive driver who raced up behind you and hit your bumper. Whatever happened, your car is left with a noticeable scratch.

Even a seemingly minor scratch in your car’s paint can cause problems down the road. No matter how small these scratches are, they cause a huge reduction in the resale value of the car. When you want to exchange your car for a new one, you’ll have to sacrifice on its resale value.

What you thought was an unnecessary expense, eventually will end up eating your money.

Also, it’s highly likely that you want your car to look great as it determines your status quo. So, scratches on your vehicle’s paint can be quite upsetting, and you need to do something about it right away. Dents, scratches, chips, and other things caused by small accidents are just unavoidable.

Why shouldn’t you ignore the scratches and dents?

​When you see a car, all you see is the outer colour. But do you there are several coatings before the final painting is done? These coatings are mandatory for corrosion resistance, and to resist other damages.

Generally, vehicle production includes four stages: stamping, bodywork, painting, and final assembly. Before the painting stage, all the parts of the vehicle are attached to the metal body, which is called the body-in-white (BIW).

Coatings on BIW

  1. A substrate layer is the first layer on the BIW. This layer firmly bonds the paint to the car body.
  2. ​Pre-treatment​ of the substrate.
  3. ​E-coat ​offers corrosion resistance to the metal body.
  4. Primer layer that offers resistance against UV radiation, and stone chipping.
  5. ​The Base Coat layer is one of the topcoats. It gives the colour and visual impression of the car.
  6. Clear coat is the top and final coating that’s transparent and protects against environmental damages.

When a scratch is made on your car, it penetrates through all of these layers. As you can see, these layers have significant properties themselves. Damage to these layers means serious damage to the car. But it doesn’t seem like a major issue.

So, you shouldn’t ignore after you realize that your car has scratches, whether they’re minor or more serious. The longer you wait to do something about the problem, the greater the damage.

By having your scratches repaired right away, you can help protect your vehicle and its looks.

Is touch painting a good idea?

When you notice scratches on your car’s body, your first instinct might be to go out and get a bottle of touch-up paint. You might have seen touch-up paint at auto parts stores, and you might even know people who have used it successfully to repair scratches on their cars. Even though this can be an option in a pinch, but it’s usually not the ideal choice.

Also, it can be difficult or impossible to find touch-up paint that matches the colour of your car, which means that the touch-up paint might be even more obvious than the scratches are.

Also, touch-up paint is more difficult to apply to a car than many people think. If you don’t prepare the vehicle properly before applying the touch-up paint, then it might not stick, and applying too much is also a problem.

Because of all of these complications, you should definitely skip using touch-up paint yourself and take your car to a professional to have your scratches repaired, you can help ensure that your car looks great when the job is done.

Take your car right away to an authorized dealership

One reason why people throng the local mechanics to get their scratches cleared is for the financial benefit they offer over the dealership. But here’s a catch.

Dealerships cannot charge the cost of repair, as they wish. There’s a proper price regulation which they need to follow. This standard price is decided based on the type and seriousness of the damage. When there’s such a standard regulation, the standard of the repair will be high and above your expectations.

Therefore, instead of getting your car touch-painted by a local mechanic, it’s better to consult a dealership to do the job right.

The technicians at the dealer are specialists in handling your car. They are trained by the manufacturer on how to carry out the repair works specifically on your car brand. So, they are proficient and well-equipped to deal with the problems of your car.

No matter how small or how significant the scratches may be, consulting and getting it repainted by a professional is the ideal way to get rid of the scratches. Professional know what technique to adopt for repairing the scratches. They have the required technology too.

Additionally, there’s a guarantee for the work done by the dealership.

Also, consulting them immediately right after the car gets scratched, is important. As we saw above, the more you delay the process, the costlier the rework due to increased damage.

The bottom-line

When you repaint your car, it not only gets rid of the scratches but also gives your car a look of a brand-new one. Many people sell their car as it looks old and rusty. But once you repaint it, you’ll never want to sell your car. Moreover, repainting doesn’t bother you too much financially. It’s an economical way to make your car look better and beautiful. Consult a professional today and get your car repainted and start feeling awesome.

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