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V3Hyundai offers car care service with all the conveniences that a car owner would need. Our care service offers timely and high quality servicing with all the latest equipment to ensure your car is in good shape. V3 Hyundai is a name you can trust for a reliable car care service for your Hyundai car in Chennai.

Road Side Assistance Programme (With in Warranty)

Hyundai Road Side Assistance Programme is a 24×7 emergency support provided in the event of any mechanical or electrical breakdown and or traffic accident of a vehicle. It is an initiative to increase the HMIL’s focus on its customers. The Road Side Assistance Program was launched with the aim of providing emergency road side assistance services round the clock to ensure a pleasurable and uninterrupted journey virtually anywhere in India.

The program is designed to enhance the customer ownership experience and ensure that customers get immediate and hassle free service in the event of any car breakdown

The scheme will be available as a complimentary service for vehicles with in basic warranty period.The 24×7 Road Side Assistance program covers services such as: wheel change, fuel delivery up to 5 litres, taxi co-ordination, opening the vehicle in the event of a key lock-out, rectifying electrical problems related to the battery and fuse, on-spot repairs for complaints that can be attended to on site and car towing to the nearest workshop in cases of an accident or breakdown.

Road Side Assistance Programme (With in Warranty)

Hyundai Roadside Assistance Retail Programme is extension of existing Roadside Assistance Programme. Hyundai 24X7 Roadside Assistance Programme is designed to enhance the Customer’s ownership experience and ensure that customers get immediate and hassle free service in an event of breakdown. The retail programme is applicable to Post warranty vehicles. The programme can be purchased from Hyundai authorised workshop for vehicle ageing less than 7 years from the vehicle sale date.

Key Benefits of the Programme

  • National Coverage: 24 X 7 assistance across India.
  • Break Down/Accident: Roadside repair or vehicle recovery in case of breakdown / road traffic accident to nearest Hyundai workshop.
  • Tyre Related: Tyre punctures-replacement of punctured tyre with a spare tyre.
  • Battery Related: Dead battery-jump start.
  • Key Related: Locked keys, lost keys or broken/damaged vehicle keys.
  • Fuel Related: Out of fuel, incorrect fuel or contaminated fuel.
  • Emergency Fuel Support upto 5 Litres.
  • Taxi Coordination: Taxi coordination in case of any vehicle breakdown/accidental. Cost to be borne by the Customer.

To ensure peace of mind of our valuable customers, Hyundai has launched Running Repair Service package “Hyundai Shield of Trust”. It includes replacement of wear & tear parts. Customers can purchase the package along with New Car purchase or any time before 1st Free Service.

Key highlights of the package are:

  • 5 different options up to: 5yr/60K, 4yr/60K, 4yr/45K, 3yr/45K & 2yr/40K
  • 14 Major running repair parts covered like Brakes, Clutch, Wiper, Belts, Hoses, etc..

There are many Benefits of “Hyundai Shield of Trust” for Customers

  • Covers major running repair parts like brake, clutch, wipers, belts, etc.
  • Customer can take benefit at any Hyundai Dealership across India.
  • Peace of mind up to 5 years at very reasonable price

For further information, please contact nearest dealer.

Hyundai Genuine Parts are designed and engineered specifically for delivering performance and longevity of your Hyundai cars, all Hyundai Genuine Parts are made to the highest standards.

Hyundai Genuine Parts are tested under various simulated extreme conditions to ensure Quality, Reliability and Durability. Over the years, significant investments in R&D have been made to study the design, material selection and internal construction of Hyundai Genuine Parts.

They are also backed by a 6 month/10,000km warranty.

Hyundai Mobis

Hyundai MOBIS is an exclusive and official partner of Hyundai Motors in India as well as globally. Hyundai Mobis is leading the trend of change and strives to become a leading company in automotive future technology.

We promise to realize the ultimate value that Hyundai Mobis pursues as ‘Safety and Happiness of our customers’ by steadily advancing into the global market as well as providing fast and accurate as parts.

Don’t settle for second best

The Automotive Parts Market is full of cheap alternatives. As inexpensive as possible, fitting non-Genuine or refurbished Parts to your Hyundai will affect the warranty of your vehicle. Those Parts are not manufactured under such stringent standards as Hyundai Genuine Parts.

Fitting such Parts will not only hamper the quality of your car, but will also affect other parts and cause more problems, leading to more repairs, or worse, an accident.So your family’s safety and peace of mind, always insist on Hyundai Genuine Parts.

For peace of mind, always insist on Hyundai Genuine Parts

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