7 things to look for before buying brand new car

7 things to look for before buying brand new car

Buying a car is one of those important financial decisions of life which you cannot take in a haste. Everyone wishes to own their dream car. But is your dream car really suitable according to your needs?

The type of car you should buy depends on your lifestyle as well as requirement. If you are road adventurer then you might need a car that features to run smoothly on all road terrain. On the other hand for as a family man you may go for a car with more space for everyone in the family.

Be certain that you are buying the right car for yourself. Here are important factors that you should consider while buying a brand new car.


No matter which car you choose, safety features should be your first priority. Regardless of other fancy features and engine capacity, the first thing you should look for ina car is its advance safety features like anti-lock brakes, electronic stability control, safety alerts etc.

The best thing about Hyundai cars is that they have highly developed safety features in their cars. With blind spot detection, smart cruise control, automatic emergency braking, and rear-view cameras Hyundai assure you the maximum safety.

The second most important factor to check after safety features is the engine efficiency of the car. A powerful engine will not only help you to accelerate fast enough but also use less fuel. Thus saving you on the fuel costs. The engine requirement depends on the purpose of your buying the car. If you are going to drive mostly in the city traffic then paying more for an engine with rapid acceleration is a waste

Maintenance cost

Every car has its own maintenance costs. If you can afford buying a car but not its maintenance costs then it is certainly not the right car for you. Major car brands like Hyundai offers its customers transparent and loyal servicing costs. This way you can have peace of mind and calculate if you can afford it or not.


Before buying a car you must clearly understand what is covered and what’s not. Car manufacturers like Hyundai have warranties that cover comprehensive parts and other wear & tear.

Reverse Sensors & Cameras

Most of the scratches and incidents happen while parking the car. To ensure that you park your car right away without any damage your car must have reverse sensors and cameras. The sensors alert you when something is obstructing your way. Having a camera is way better than sensors as you can clearly see how much space you have to park or reverse the car.

Automatic headlights

With automatic headlights, you don’t have to worry to switch on the headlights when entering a tunnel or switch off after parking the car. Also, automatic headlights help you to save on battery because the headlights will no longer be left on by mistake.


Accept it or not we frequently tend to lose our way when going to a new restaurant, shopping mall or other destination. Navigation feature in your car shows you the right way so that you are never lost.


Buying a car is a big financial decision and you should take it after evaluating all the essential factors. Have an estimate of your budget, family needs and lifestyle to choose the right car for you.

Hyundai has something for everyone with its range of economical, small to robust big SUVs. The team of experienced Hyundai car dealers will assist you in buying the most suitable car for yourself.

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